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Principles of Victorian Decorative Design.

An extremely important commercial and industrial designer of the 19th century, Christopher Dresser (1834-1904) exercised great influence on Victorian decoration and design. In this classic work, he distilled a wealth of knowledge and ideas into a rich commentary on the aesthetics and practical considerations employed in the decorative arts of both the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Writing with insight and authority, Mr. Dresser proceeds methodically through every element of his subject, opening with discussions of historic styles, concepts of truth, beauty and power — even humor — in ornament. He then devotes an entire chapter to color. Ths is followed by rich, illuminating treatmens of design in furniture, the decoration of buildings, carpets, draperies, wall hangings, textiles, pottery, glass, metalwork, hardware and stained glass.

Over 180 handsome illustrations, including two in full color on the inside covers, enrich this fascinating study. Students and lovers of the decorative arts, as well as anyone interested in Victoriana, will find in this concise volume a fascinating glimpse of the design concepts underlying Victorian ornamentation and interior design.

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