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For the greater part of the 20th Century hand forged metal was considered too costly and time consuming for most iron fence, steel gate, metal railing or iron staircase projects.

In the last decade however, the United States has awakened to the time honored artistry and strength of hand forged metalwork – true hand wrought ornamental iron.

Some might consider this a design trend or fad. If so, it is a fad with roots dating back many thousands of years in the old world, and one that has withstood the cultural and historical test of time.

Hand forged decorative wrought iron has paralleled mankind’s ascendancy in the world, giving us tools, protection, weapons, shelter and even metal art, yes metal wall art is the rage now, just as it was 5 centuries ago.

A vast selection of hand forged iron balusters, decorative metal panels, ornamental iron rosettes, forged steel scrolls and other unique decorative wrought iron articles by Koenig Eisen awaits you in the King Architectural Metals catalog.

These wrought aluminum and iron forgings are displayed by Material Family Coding, from smallest to largest to help simplify the design and specification process for steel fence, iron gate, wrought iron furniture, wrought iron lighting, wrought iron staircase, iron railing and pipe handrail projects.

Most of our forging line is hand forged steel, but we also offer a large selection of hand forged aluminum. You can always mix in our ornamental cast iron or decorative cast aluminum components if you wish. Our styles range from early Greco-Romanesque Iron, Gothic Iron, Renaissance Iron, Baroque Iron, Rococo Iron and Empire to Art Deco Iron, Modern and Post-Modern Iron as well.

For the finest in hand forged decorative iron or ornamental forged aluminum, have your architect, designer or fabricator specify Koenig Eisen ornamental metal forgings.