Is there any type of minimum?
No. Each order, large or small, is equally appreciated and shipped the same day it is ordered, in most cases.


Do you offer any items that are not listed in the catalog?
Absolutely. Our experienced and knowledgeable Purchasing Department will make every effort to find what you are looking for. We have built relationships with skilled artisans the world over, and will gladly special order anything you request. Please ask your sales representative for details and allow 10-12 weeks for delivery.


Why are your steel prices not listed?
The value of steel fluctuates so frequently, that we try to pass on to you, the customer, our lowest and most up to date prices.


Can you weld cast iron?
Yes. You can use nickel rod as your welding agent.


What is the difference between sand cast and die cast?
Sand cast is cast in sand, thus creating a rough exterior finish. Die cast is cast in a mold resulting in a smooth exterior finish.

Do you have CAD/AutoCAD programs available?
We are working with our IT department to create the most comprehensive and easy to use AutoCAD programs in the industry. We will post a link on our website that will allow you to work with these programs the moment they become available.


Does King Architectural Metals do any fabricating?
We do not do any fabricating at King Architectural Metals. Our company was built on being the best at offering our customers the highest quality product at the lowest price, delivered with the industrys best customer service. We leave the fabricating to our wonderful family of customers.


How do you choose which truck line carrier will service my area?
We have negotiated the absolute best trucking prices combined with the shortest number of transit days for each of our three warehouse locations. Because of this fact, the carrier and prices can change. Please ask your sales representative for shipping estimates and available carriers.

What are the size restrictions for UPS shipments?
We ship anything under 8 feet long and below 175lbs via UPS. Some products of exceptional dimensions and/or weight require us to ship them via truck line.


Can I order shorter/longer balusters than the standard 45 inch length?
We can special order balusters. Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery. In very special instances we can cut existing balusters, but there are no returns on these products and there will be a charge for cutting the materials.


Who decides if my address is commercial or residential?
The truck line carriers and UPS use the United States Postal Service address list to make these decisions.


Which Bosch drill bits are best suited for which materials?
Cobalt bits work with stainless steel (precipitation hardened), cast iron and titanium. Black Oxide bits cut through aluminum, brass and composite materials. Titanium bits are used on steel, copper, aluminum, and brass.