At King Metals, we take steps every day to reduce our carbon footprint while yet facilitating the production of fence, gate, railing, furniture, lighting and other metal fabrication projects that will last for centuries. This takes form in many areas and guides us to be the most responsible stewards of our environment as possible.

Biodegradable, Water-Based Rust Inhibitor for Kőenig Eisen Forgings
It’s hard to imagine metal as being green, but our is. After sandblasting, we coat our products with sodium nitrate, a safe, biodegradeable and water-soluble rust inhibitor. It can be quickly and easily removed with water—so no petroleum agents are ever needed.

All Aluminum & Iron Castings Come from Majority Post-Industrial Recycled Metal Content
This component of Project Green ensures that we reuse metal that has been discarded or comes to us through various recycling methods.

All Steel Castings Come from 100% Post-Industrial Recycled Content
Reusing metal that has been previously cast or used for some other method allows us to use what has already been extracted from the earth and still maintain the highest quality standards you demand.

Battery Recycling Program
You can bring any battery, from 9Volt to large combustible engine batteries to King Metals and we will responsibly recycle them on your behalf. We strive to keep harmful toxins and environmental hazards out of land fills and garbage dumps where they can have a negative effect on the environment.

All Scrap Is Recycled in to New Products
Our production operations generate a sizeable amount of scrap every year; this scrap is recycled and brought to new life through the forging and casting process to bring you the products you need for your own projects.

Leeds Infrastructure
In addition to recycling, we also support vendors and partners who take part in the Leeds Green Infrastructure Strategy.

This community-based strategy emphasizes green space for outdoor activities, habitat for wildlife with access to nature for people, local food production and improved health and well-being of our own work-force and others by minimizing building infrastructure environmental impact.