There’s a big diffference between a metal provider and a metal supplier. At King Metals, we’ve been supplying construction grade metal since 1996.

We offer literally thousands of different sized flat and solid bar, tubing, purlin, angle, channel, I-beam lines that we fill a 75,000 square foot metal service center with over 200,000 tons of revolving steel.

We bundle, cut, shear, punch and even plasma cut orders that are delivered every day on time and to your specifications. Learn more about our metal service center options in the blue icons on the home page.

And just like our ornamental and decorative products, each order is shipped out the day you place your order.

Being in the business of providing solutions has allowed us to grow into the one-stop metal shop you need—from the decorative and ornamental to the structural.

Forge a relationship with King Metals today and see why we’re the industry’s leader.

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