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The benefits of being able to get exactly what you want from metal are countless. But that’s exactly what you get when you choose King Metal’s CNC Hi-Def Custom Plasma Cutting Facilities.

We can take an idea you have drawn on a napkin and turn it in to a real and tangible work of art, ready to weld right in to any project.

We have an entire catalog of pre-designed patterns to choose from or to customize your project. Or… our designers can create new custom designs for you! Either way, you’re guaranteed a one-of-a-kind piece of art that reflects your creativity. Combine these custom plasma cut metal designs with our ornamental forged metal iron balusters, décorative metal iron panels, ornamental metal iron scrolls and décorative metal fittings for exquisite custom metal fab projects.

You can also use our Hi-Def CNC Plamsa Facilities to cut machine parts, base plates, mounting plates, ornamental gussets, brackets, truss and beam brackets, signs...the sky’s the limit! Call us today and find out more about what you can do with these customized pieces.

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